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In Professor Plo’s opinion, raising children is a great responsibility, however, given the limited resources of the rural communities, parents are in need of external support. As a medic, he believes his personal duty is to look at pediatrics holistically by not only treating children from diseases but also considering the setting outside of the clinical environment. Indeed, the best practice of medicine is to connect with the communities of developing countries. Thus, the NGO is a realization of his dreams aiming for a healthy population, while seeing happy children is the best reward for his hard work as a doctor.


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Based in Brobo, he is a full professor of pediatrics at the University Hospital in Bouake and his support to the rural community is unprecedented.  However, his pathway to medicine was not straightforward, as Professor Asse’s childhood dream was to become a teacher. Yet he decided to study medicine to maximize the effectiveness of his support to the communities, he never gave up on his initial motivation and now conjoins aspects of both medical practice and education. Thus, the NGO is a projection of his aspirations to treat the children at the root of the problem. While in kindergarten, he provides medical support to reduce the frequency of hospitalization. All these achievements give him a higher purpose and a reason to continue his mission. 



Akpo Germain Yao, who holds a Master's degree in Management Sciences, a DESS in Management of SMEs, a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Management, and a Master's degree in Management Sciences, is currently preparing a thesis in Management Sciences with a major in Corporate Finance. Working in human security, he is Deputy Secretary General of the NGO Enfance Harmonieuse. Health, one of these dimensions, is also presented as constitutive of development that relies on local capacities. With regard to the axes of intervention of the NGO Enfance Harmonieuse, notably child protection, child poverty, education, health, livelihoods, nutrition, and humanitarian action, we have committed ourselves to integrating the NGO to contribute to improving the living conditions of our children.



When it comes to connecting with the rural communities, Mr. Rene is the important link between the people and administration of the Brobo Commune. For that purpose, his great knowledge of the local society and their culture is his crucial asset that allows for the NGO for constant growth. Very hard-working, dedicated and always at disposal are the main characteristics that make children simply love him. 


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Working at the Social Center in Brobo, Mrs. Eveline is well-connected with the most marginalized part of the community. On an everyday basis, she helps families experiencing internal problems, or those with children with disabilities. Thus, working at NGO is the best way for her to use her qualifications for the greater good. Thanks to her experience, she addresses the problems with ease and takes care of the NGO’s budget.


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Mr. Michel is a highly experienced auditor whose role involves ensuring that the organization operates in compliance with government laws and regulations, as well as overseeing the charity's finances and validating reports. He keeps up to date with changes in legislation and ensures that the charity is implementing any necessary changes. Mr. Michel is meticulous in his approach to auditing and ensures that all areas of the charity are thoroughly reviewed. He is highly skilled in financial management and is able to provide advice and guidance to the charity's leadership team on financial matters. Finally, he reviews statements, audit reports, and other documentation to ensure that they are accurate.



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Madame Asse is an integral part of the charity's outreach team, serving as an outreach manager. Her role involves organizing various events and activities to engage with the community and raise awareness about the charity's mission. One of Madame Asse's main responsibilities is to organize holiday activities which include coordinating with volunteers and donors to provide gifts, meals, and other necessities during the holiday season. In addition, she also organizes receptions for special guests. Madame Asse is also heavily involved in fundraising efforts for the charity. She collaborates with donors and sponsors to secure funding for the organization's programs and initiatives. Overall, Madame Asse's role as an outreach manager is essential to the charity's success. 


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As the headteacher of a kindergarten, Mr. Toure has a range of responsibilities, including creating and implementing lesson plans, hiring and supervising staff, developing budgets, communicating with parents, and maintaining a safe and welcoming learning environment. There are many reasons why Mr. Toure loves his job as a headteacher of a kindergarten and seeing how more and more beautiful it becomes every day. He always says that working with young children can be incredibly rewarding as one has the opportunity to make a positive impact on their development and growth.  For him, the sense of community and connection are the most rewarding part of the position, thus, Mr. Toure welcomes everyone at his kindergarten.



As a teacher at the kindergarten, Mrs. Reine values many aspects of her work. Firstly, she deeply appreciates the opportunity to work with young children and contribute to their growth and development during such a crucial stage in their lives. It is incredibly rewarding for her to witness the progress that each child makes over time and to know that she has played a vital role in their learning journey. Additionally, working with other teachers, parents, and administrators allows her to gain new perspectives and insights that ultimately benefit the children in their care. 



Mrs. Corrine's childhood dream has always been to become a teacher. Having previously worked in London, England, she brought a wealth of experience to her role at the kindergarten. She draws on her past experience of working in a diverse and multicultural city to better understand the needs of the children and families in the rural area of the Ivory Coast. She has also been able to apply some of the teaching techniques and strategies that she learned while working in London to help support the learning and development of the children. Lastly, she values the emphasis that the kindergarten places on the prioritization of respect, kindness, and empathy, as she believes that these values are essential for fostering a positive learning experience for all. 


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Mrs. Marina is a dedicated teacher assistant at the charity, who is responsible for organizing games and activities for the children, as well as maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness at the kindergarten. Mrs. Marina works closely with the teachers to develop age-appropriate activities that cater to the individual needs of each child. She is also responsible for ensuring that the kindergarten is kept clean and sanitary. She takes this responsibility very seriously to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained. 



As a cook at our kindergarten, Nathalie takes great care in providing well-balanced and nutritious meals for the children. Her top priority is ensuring that the meals she prepares are not only delicious but also healthy and nourishing. To achieve this, she carefully selects fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins. She also makes sure to include a variety of foods from different food groups, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins, in every meal. When we asked the children about their favorite dish, almost all of them agreed that Nathalie's chicken in peanut sauce is the best!



Adeline is a highly skilled governess for the charity, providing support and assistance to special guests and international volunteers. Her role involves ensuring that the individuals under her care are well-fed and comfortable during their stay with the charity. She is an excellent cook and takes great pride in providing delicious and nutritious meals for those in her care. Her warmth and care help to ease any anxieties or concerns guests may have, and she is always available to offer a listening ear or help. Her professionalism and attention to detail have made her a valuable asset to the charity's team.



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Kacper has recently completed his pre-med degree at the New York University Abu Dhabi, and thus he came to the Ivory Coast to support our kindergarten, but also to observe the work of doctors at the Pediatrics ward at the University Hospital in Bouake. The children liked him very much from the beginning, as they played together on the newly furnished playground, thanks to the fundraising Kacper and Renata organized together. In addition, he organized a toy collection at his former primary school in Poland, bringing two huge bags full of new equipment for the kindergarten. He greatly enjoyed his voyage to the Ivory Coast, produced the website for our organization, and is about to release a short documentary video about his experiences. Stay tuned!



Krzysztof, a student at a Polish high school, holds the position of Head of IT and Data in the Sharing is Caring project. This position allows him to fulfil himself in his areas of interest. He takes care of the websites and is a support to other project participants. He believes that goodness received should be passed on. Outside of school, he finds himself in debating, mathematics and collecting Lego. He hopes that his help has an impact on the many people that the Sharing is Caring programme intends to help.



Ola, a Polish high school student, is currently enrolled in an English-speaking school. Holding the esteemed position of project manager for the Sharing is Caring: Ivory Coast project, Ola takes great pride in their role. This position allows them to merge their passion for economics and global development with practical actions that bring tangible benefits to entire communities. In their capacity as project manager, Ola oversees all operational aspects of the initiative. Their responsibilities extend beyond project management as they also assume control over the project's financial matters. This entails ensuring the efficient and responsible allocation of resources. By effectively managing the project's finances, Ola endeavors to optimize positive outcomes and create a significant, meaningful impact in the lives of the individuals the project aims to assist.



Mrs. Renata served as a Salvatti Poland Foundation volunteer at our kindergarten in Brobo, Ivory Coast, in August 2022. From the very beginning, she was highly appreciated by the staff, children, and the local community. Mrs. Renata's strong religious faith was also evident in the way she interacted with others, always treating everyone with kindness and respect as she dedicated herself fully to the children. She was always willing to lend a helping hand and greatly enjoyed her cultural experience in the Ivory Coast too. Thanks to her initiative, we organized two consecutive trips to Yamoussoukro where children had a chance to visit the largest church in the world. Mrs. Renata's unwavering dedication was apparent to all who knew her, and we all remember her love and the significance of her efforts at our kindergarten.


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Marysia, a British Alumni Society scholar. Her biggest passions are biology and music. In the future she would like to study medicine and help people in need. She strongly believes that young people can also change the world for the better and that’s why she joined SIC Ivory Coast as Head of Ambassadors.




Julia, Scarborough college student and 2023 British Alumni Society scholar. Her passions concern neuroscience, theatre and playing football. As an Ivory Coast project ambassador her mission is to enhance local children’s passions and provide financial help for those in need. 


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Rita, a 15 year-old IB student in 2slo. She likes discussing and engaging with global issues because she firmly believes that the future is in our hands! As an Ivory Coast project ambassador she hopes that she can help the children on the Ivory Coast and women in Afghanistan and Iran.  Moreover she is excited to connect with people all around the world.


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Grzesiek,  a scholar of British Alumni Society in Windermere School. He's a dedicated IB student with interest in Maths and Economics. After school he loves to play the drums in a youth symphonic orchestra and to watch football. Most improtantly, he joined SIC Ivory Coast because he wants to contribute to providing the scholarship opportunities to talented youth from Ivory Coast that cannot afford to fulfill their potential. He believes that education is a human right and should be provided to everyone, without exeptions.

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